Transition to a new mission at Northwell Health.

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Transition to a new mission at Northwell Health.

Our Veterans bring a unique skill set, perspective and values that help drive our mission forward. Join the Northwell Health Veteran Talent Community and see for yourself.

As New York’s largest private employer, we have careers in virtually every area for people who want to redefine how health care is delivered. With a variety of non-clinical careers ranging from clerical, information technology, operations, marketing, finance and human resources. To clinical careers in areas such as nursing, allied health, research and more, we have what you’ve been searching for.

By joining our Veteran Talent Community you will:

  • Be contacted for an exploratory careers conversation
  • Be the first to know about our Military recruitment events and webinars including our Barracks to Business Workshops
  • Receive our monthly Careers Newsletter
  • And more

We take an integrated and comprehensive approach to hiring, training, promoting and supporting veterans and their families — and, whenever possible, we actively seek to hire qualified veterans, National Guard members, reservists and military spouses.

Barracks to Business (B2B) Workshops

As a veteran, you have valuable skills and experience — but you may not know exactly how to translate them to the civilian workplace. We’re here to help. Barracks to Business workshops are designed to help you understand the job search process and create a strategy to pursue civilian employment while also introducing you to career opportunities at Northwell Health.

Military and Veterans Liaison Services

At Northwell Health, we’re proud to show our respect and gratitude for the service of America’s military members and veterans — as well as for their families. That’s why our Military and Veterans Liaison Services offers a wide range of vital health, wellness and workforce resources. We are committed to making a meaningful difference in the quality of care and service our veterans and their families receive. No service member in our communities should feel forgotten or left behind.

VALOR (Veterans and Allies: Liaisons for Reintegration)

The group, established by Northwell Health’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy. The goal of VALOR is to give members of the military, veterans, and their families an increased sense of community, and a chance to gain insight from each other and share their experiences. The VALOR Navigator Program pairs veterans newly hired by Northwell with other members of the health system to help transition into civilian employment and offer general career encouragement.

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