5 Warning Signs of Mental Health Risk


1. A Change in Personality If someone is acting like a very different person, or not acting or feeling like themself, this is a warning sign.
2. Uncharacteristic Anxiety, Anger, or Moodiness.  Severe changes in emotion are a cause for alarm, especially if they are persistent.
3. Social Withdrawal and Isolation.  If an individual is “closing off” socially, cancelling social engagements, or spending too much time alone, this is a serious warning sign of emotional or mental health issues.
4. Lack of Self-Care or Risky Behaviors.  Persons with mental health issues often lose concern over their own health and well-being, engaging in risky behaviors like drinking and drug use.  In addition, a lack of hygiene, or lack of concern with appearance, may be indicative of a mental health issue.
5. A Sense of Hopelessness or Feeling Overwhelmed.  Mental health difficulties often cause people to give up – to feel like life is just too hard, or that they will never feel “normal” again.

These warning signs, particularly when occurring together, are an indicator that it is time to take action – for yourself or for others.  Realize that you are not alone.  Many Americans suffer from mental health issues at one time or another.  Seek help from a licensed, professional counselor, or contact a physician or your local mental health association.

22 PTSD Awareness Challange

Dear Veterans and Supporters:
 Each year there is a 22 mile PTSD Kayak Event to raise awareness of veteran suicide. In the event teams kayak 22 miles on the Long Island sound to raise awareness.  The event will be held on 08/30/2019  There is approximately 22 veterans a day who commit suicide.  If interested in participating, setting up a table for your organization, or kayaking or being a boat captain please contact the facilitators  Alex Rohman  at cell  917-833-4331 email address 22pacorg@gmail.com  and Frank Lombardi  email address is FLombardi@ighl.org and cell number  631-744-0003.  I apologize if i forgot anyone from sending mass email please share information with others.

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