Communication update for SCCVFW

Please note the following updates for the SCCVFW


Mail: SCCVFW, P.O. Box 1492, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (Be sure to put who the mail is going to: ie.. ATTN: County CMDR, ATTN: Quartermaster, ATTN: Adjutant)

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Photos of Service

Dear VFW leaders,

We need your help! We would like to create a slideshow featuring photos of our members during their time in uniform.

Please send your photos for inclusion in this special project to by July 9. (Any hard copy photos mailed in to the headquarters will not be accepted or returned.)

Please also share this information with your respective members.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


VFW Communications

VFW National Headquarters

406 W. 34th Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64111


Legislative Update June 2019

National Priorities

 Blue Water Navy bill passed house May 19 HR 299, push

Senate to approve. Call Senator Schumer, 202-224-6542 and

Senator Gillibrand 202-224-4451 to voice support

Veterans Health Care–to aggressively oversee implementation

of VA Mission Act of 2018- concern over proposal to impose $30

Copay for Emergency service visits even for Service Connected


  • Resource suicide prevention and outreach
  • Require VA to conduct research on Medical Cannibis
  • Expand peer to peer for MST
  • Remove Copay for preventive medication
  • Pass S514 the Deborah Sampson Act to improve health care for woman vets
  • Expand eligibility for VA nurse homes for all VA enrolled

Burn Pits –  Pass legislation to require better Airborne and open burn pit registry

  • Provide Iraq and Afghanistan vets benefits and care for pulmonary conditions
  • Pass HR 663/s191, Burn pit accountability act
  • Establish and fund research on the impact of burn pits on exposed vets

Concurrent Receipt – Pass HR 303 or S208 to allow disabled vets to receive retirement pay and VA disability compensation

  • Pass HR 553, Military surviving Spouse equity act to allow survivors full retirement pay

Transition – Reopen TAP in the community programs

  • Provide grants for private organizations for jobs
  • Open pathways for vets to connect with community, vet organizations in hometowns while still on AD

State of NY Priorities Budgetary

1.Continue funding of VFW Service Officers $125K per year and add $500K for additional SOs  2019 results-VFW received up to $125K

  1. Dwyer Peer to Peer mentoring $3.5M for upstate counties and add $4M for downstate 2019 Results – Dwyer program funding continues at same level as previously but will be spread out throughout the state
  2. Veterans Defense Program, $500K to cover existing veterans defense and add $400K for Defense Counselors practice manual 2019 Results – VDP funding continues at existing level but $220K added to open a Long Island Office
  3. Continue funding for Office of court administration to support vet mentors in existing 30 VTCs and advance the number of VTCs to all counties 2019 Results – no funding for VTC Mentors at this point but on the legislative side, legislation passed house to have VTC available in all counties. A 5937

Legislative Goals –

  1. Vet peer to peer certification option and add centers for women veterans one upstate and one downstate

Support A2945 Ortiz, in Vet affairs and S4261 Parker in Vet and military affairs as amended by the VFW

  1. Child custody considerations for NY military, Support S 5543 Brooks in children and families, need assembly bill to follow established Federal military standards for Family Care Plan via NY Statute to provide reference for Family Courts
  2. Property Tax reductions for Active Duty Service Members,

 Support S2930A Brooks Passed Senateand A5344A (In Vet Committee) Cusick to allow real property to recognize active duty military so they can apply for property tax reductions (As currently written would only cover those in Combat zone)

  1. Fill Currently allocated civil service jobs for disabled vets, support S3300(Passed Senate) Brooks, 2019 and A6297(Passed House)Barrett to require state agencies to identify when posting jobs that fall under the 55C program as 55C Eligible.
  2. Modernize charitable gaming to better enable self-funding of service organizations, reintroduce A7307 Cusick 2018 in racing and wagering, to allow Charity poker fundraising, S3301 (Passed Senate) Brooks
  3. Modernize bell Jars to enable better self-funding and encourage younger members to join, Support S6284 Addabbo in rules, and support A4697 Pretlow amended and in racing and wagering and continue to work with Governor’s office to overcome recent veto. (After multiple meetings with Governor’s Staff this remains held up so is about to be reintroduced with amendments from the VFW)