June 2019

As the new VFW Year starts, it is important for me to not look back, but to re-establish some traditions, while making some new efforts to bring in members and work closely with all the commanders across the county.

To that end here are some of the goals I look forward to accomplishing this year.

  1. Establish better communication across the county.
  2. Develop more ways for us to raise money to not only help support but grow our programs.
  3. Bring back the Color Guard and establish a community outreach program. It is important to be visible in the community as there is where a majority of our support is going to come from.
  4. Bring services to veterans across Suffolk County that usually miss out on assistance due to work, school or family obligations.
  5. Work with our Auxiliary’s to help expand help and assistance for our families in the County.
  6. Develop a stronger recognition program through the county. While we don’t do what we do for praise a little thank you goes a long way to keeping members active.
  7. Working with Legislators and Elected Officials to make better opportunities for women veterans.

My hope is that the county continues to do the great work that I know they do, as there is no doubt in my mind that this is the strongest county in the State. I would like to see us achieve both County All State and County All American this year.

Dave Rogers

Commander SCCVFW 2019-2020